"New Year, New You" - enough already!!

If I read one more of those “New Year New You” resolution posts, I swear my head is going to pop off! I like the old me and I’ve just put myself through a massive overhaul. The last thing I need is to feel that I’m not worthy, or not doing enough right now. It’s hard enough to drag my ass to the yoga studio these days (I haven’t gone ONCE since early November) to even think about the energy I need to create that new me.

My 2017 is going to be pretty simple. I had so much change in 2016 – left my corporate job, bought a home in Vancouver, helped my guy move into our second home in Toronto, launched my own creative communications business – I need consistency. I need to stay the course for the next 12 months. No big changes, just time to settle into the groove I started in November. My critical mantra? BE PRESENT. I’ve said that so many times and it’s so important. I need to focus on what is in front of me at the moment. Worrying about what happened in 2016 or fretting about what may come in 2017 will quickly pull me off track. And guess what? I’ve discovered that I am a crazy worrier! Shoulda, coulda, woulda is an insidious hiss in my ear that I have to overcome. What is important is today, right now.

If you’re like me, you often lie awake at 2:30am replaying the day’s events in a never-ending loop. Why did that happen? Why did I say that? Does that person think I’m an idiot? Do I think they’re an idiot? And on and on and on. That nonsense has to stop. I will be sticking to my tried and true ONE DAY AT A TIME philosophy. I’ll be grateful for what I have and focus on the present. That’s it. If I can achieve that resolution in 2017, then maybe I’ll tackle my fitness level, world travel, and global peace next year!

Illustration by Monica Smiley @eightyseventhst  Love how she’s captured me in one of my favourite Fall 2016 Dries van Noten looks.