Six months ago, I noticed that I was squinting at road signs. I could barely see street signs on a rainy night. It seemed to happen overnight. For almost two decades, my vision had been perfect – better than 20/20 – and suddenly, I knew that I needed to wear glasses again. 

In my new BonLook glasses. Makeup, Lace Maralit. Photo, Tara West

I got my first pair of glasses in Grade Seven when my teacher told my Mum that I couldn’t see the blackboard. I hated the way the plastic frames slid down my nose and flew off my face when I ran around the track. Years of misery with contacts came next. I seemed to be allergic to the solution and constantly battled infections. So I was beyond excited in 1998 when Lasik Eye Surgery was offered. I was one of first of my friends to undergo the laser procedure (at Herzig Eye Institute in Toronto) and afterwards, enjoyed years of crystal clear perfect vision. This past winter though, I suddenly noticed signs and movie screens weren’t as sharp as before. My ophthalmologist told me to expect my vision to gradually revert back to its original pre-corrected state. I may never need reading glasses but I would very likely need to wear glasses daily for distance once again. But you know what? I’m looking forward to it. The big difference now is that the selection of glasses has never been more fashionable or affordable. 

I was amazed by the selection of super stylish metal and plastic frames at BonLook in Toronto’s Eaton Centre. I collaborated with them to find the right style to fit my face. I like that BonLook is a Canadian company founded by  Sophie Boulanger in Montreal. Like me, Sophie was also sick of overpaying for glasses from an underwhelming selection.

I could have ordered a dozen different styles – and the price was about 25% of the $1000 ticket I paid 20 years ago for my designer frames. New styles arrive monthly from the Montreal-based design studio. All of the lenses are from Essilor, the world’s leading manufacturer of top quality ophthalmic lenses. Here are a few of my favourites:

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
The chosen pair!

And these are the ones I ended up picking. I love the fine matte black metal frame and how they go with everything in my wardrobe. And I’ve got my eye on Option 3 above as a different look. Glasses to me are now a fantastic fashion statement instead of a necessary evil that I used to shove in my school bag.

Photo, Tara West.