One of my earliest memories is weekly visits to the local library with my Dad. Every Saturday we visited Vancouver’s Fraser Street branch where I walked out with a stack of books. I read whatever I could get my hands on – although I had to sneak some YA titles (Judy Blume’s “Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret” for one) past his eagle eyes. That early introduction to books shaped my career as a writer and editor, and gave me a lifelong passion for reading. 

Photo by Tara West

I’ve always treasured my books and have built a library that’s a mix of novels, autobiographies, travel guides and fashion reads. I’m not a snob about what I read, but I’m always gobsmacked when I hear someone say – “Oh I don’t read. I don’t have time.” While I don’t read as often as I’d like, it’s right up there with visiting friends, eating out and going to the movies. I’ve always had the best conversations with a well-read mind. 

One of my favourite places to read, other than snuggled up in bed, is on my balcony. I love the breeze and the sounds of the city traffic teeming below as I enter another century or city through the pages. 

The four books below are among my Summer 2017 favourites. I recommend all of them for totally different reasons. I try to switch up the type of book I read every time to keep it fresh. 

Fashion - The autobiography of Paris Vogue is a heartbreaker that traces her heady days at the magazine's helm to her fall from grace.
Self-Help - Sheryl Sandberg's examples of resiliency after her husband's death were sad, insightful, and helpful as I went through a stressful year.
Airplane read - The outrageous gossipy third installment of Kevin Kwan's stories of China's rich and nouveau-riche always make me laugh.
Novel - I'm just about to start this novel by a Canadian author of her mother's mythical stories of her Brazilian childhood.

What are you reading? I love to hear recommendations. I’ve already got a few loaded up on my iPad for fall plane trips. And a few to tuck into my work bag (another read of The Handmaids Tale) for subway trips. Please share!