(AD) Giving more love to my face is my beauty resolution for the New Year – and that includes stepping up my daily skincare regimen and incorporating a regular schedule of injectables. Over the past few years, I’ve relied upon great genes (thanks Mum), but I’m getting older and my face is starting to look more tired. My goal isn’t to complicate my routine but to develop some good habits that will keep my complexion looking youthful and fresh: 

Photo by George Pimentel
  1. Facial fillers – I plan to keep up a routine of regular injections with JUVEDERM® fillers around my eyes, (especially the bags underneath), in the fine lines of my forehead, and along my jawline. I’ll schedule these for the year now and plan my travel around the dates. No excuses! 
  2. Laser facials – I’ll also be visiting my dermatologist’s office for laser facials that help boost collagen, fade dark spots and improve the texture of my skin.
  3. Extra essentials – I’m so faithful to my simple basics (daily sunscreen & nightly eye cream) but I neglect the additional steps that help improve mature skin – a good serum with active ingredients and gentle exfoliator. I plan to add both to my daily routine to keep my skin looking smooth and fresh.
  4. Sleep – I’m a light sleeper who travels a lot so that often makes me look worn out. I’m going to turn off my devices at 8pm and start applying weekly moisturizing masks at bedtime.

By keeping up with regular injectables – and taking even better care of my skin daily – I know that my face will continue to look brighter and fresher.

To learn more or find a clinic near you, visit juvederm.ca/find-a-clinic  #juvedermcanada