Hollywood Thriller

The Girl on the Train

by Paula Hawkins


The hype on this novel was deafening – yet more Gone Girl (a book I love) comparisons but in reality, so very different. While the narrator Rachel Watson is as unlikeable as GG’s Amy, she’s complicated in different ways. In her daily commute to London, Rachel dreams up a fantasy story about a couple she spies who live down the street from the home she once shared with her husband, Tom. And Rachel can’t get over Tom or out of the deep rut their divorce left her in. What made this novel so electrifying for me is that Rachel is a raging alcoholic – all blame points to her yet her black-outs have left her memory blank. As someone who has experienced alcoholism in a loved one, I was torn between rooting for Rachel and wanting her to be punished for messing up her life (and those around her) so badly. No big surprise – this thriller was snapped up and will be made into a film set in New York City (not London). Steven Spielberg is set to supervise the scriptwriter and director. This one has Oscar buzz all over it.

Who Should Read It: Everyone. This is a riveting thriller so will appeal to so many people.

Lisa’s Take: A