#FashionCAN - Day 2

Greta Constantine

Day 2 of #FashionCAN was another knockout success with a roster of newcomers and established designers.

One of Canada’s leading lights, Marie Saint Pierre (winner of the CAFA Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2015) started the second day with a presentation of her graphic silhouettes. Next up was newcomer Jennifer Torosian who is quickly making a name for herself with her athletic-tinged sportswear. It’s the mix of big successes and upstarts that worked so well at #FashionCAN – the democratic mix of runway and presentation, plus interviews by Jeanne Beker and inclusion in the pop-up shop worked seamlessly for each designer.

Another long time much respected designer, Marisa Minicucci also used the presentation space to great effect for her Sosken Collection of outerwear. Models collected on risers in the space allowing for close-up looks of the styling and design. Note to self – pick up a handful of jeweled brooches to attach to my favourite coat.

Christopher Paunil started with exquisite bridal gowns before jumping into the fire with vivid fuchsia, orange and purple evening wear. A solid showing from a red carpet favourite.

Several established designers travelled back to the 70s with a retro spin. Kim Newport-Mimran of Pink Tartan chose a Mary Tyler Moore mood with her signature suits and toppers. Greta Constantine slipped into a disco vibe with a departure from their much loved jerseys into the collection they recently showed in Paris – a celebration of sheers, lame and sequins. So sexy, so chic, so perfect for their ongoing expansion around the world.



My WOW moment came from the UNTTLD show. Montreal designers Jose Manuel St-Jacques and Simon Belanger continue to go from strength to strength. Earlier this year, they won the Swarovski Emerging Talent prize at CAFA. This afternoon, they won a place as one of Canada’s leading design duos for a brilliant collection that focused on lean silhouettes and detailing such as draping and lacing. It was a knock-out show that proved they have the design chops to make it, big, globally.

With my friend Jake Mossop
With my friend Aya McMillan

#FashionCAN proved that there’s no need to return to the traditional runway formula. Their clever mix of runway shows, presentations and the all-important shop (because who doesn’t want to shop after being so inspired??) is the logical progression for a Canadian fashion showcase.