Footwear First Always!

I start planning my seasonal wardrobe feet first. The right shoe, boot or sandal sets the tone for everything I wear. And it helps cut back on a lot of impulse purchases. If a new fashion item doesn’t work with my shoes, I don’t bother. I always look at people’s shoes first (shallow I know but it tells me a lot about them) and I’d rather invest more in a pair of outstanding footwear that I’ll wear a ton, instead of a dress or jacket that I likely won’t wear more than once a week. I start the season with a couple of pairs of really good fashion shoes:


This fall, my number one pick was the Gucci slide. Not the plain one (too boring) or the furry insole (too sweaty) but the embroidered rose design.

Makeup by Lace Maralit. Hair by Tony Masciangelo and Jed Puznak. Photo by Tara West.


Not only are these slides totally comfortable (I will never ever wear a pair of 5″ heels again), they go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe – from jeans and a Sentaler coat (pictured here) to a pencil skirt or trousers. If I know my shoes look good, I seem to walk with more confidence and stand a little straighter.

Any time I interview a shoe designer – from global superstar Christian Louboutin to Vancouver-based footwear veteran John Fluevog, I always ask them why people are so obsessed with their shoes. The answers are similar – a good shoe makes you stand taller and gives you a light bright step. And, for most of us, our shoe size is always a lot easier to fit than clothing size. “How many shoes do you have in your wardrobe” always gets the same response from one of these star cobblers. “Very few” (go figure!) as they prefer to wear sneakers or one well-worn pair of favourites.

Here are three pairs of my shoes that I wear constantly. (No I haven’t counted how many pairs I have. I would be mortified.) They’re unique so stand the test of time:

Valentino Rockstuds – without fail, everyone from cab drivers to other shoppers comment on these stunners
Nicholas Kirkwood silver Beya flats are my go-to when I’m in a rush.
Sophia Webster Riri heels are like Licorice Allsorts for your feet.