#LTStyleTip: Striped Trousers

Many women defer to a long list of phantom fashion rules after 40. They seem to think they’ve been banished from wearing short skirts (hello, Tina Turner?!); anything too revealing (have you checked out JLo?); or bold patterns (Celine Dion has a fearless new stylist). My only rule? I wear what makes me feel good. I’m not tall or skinny (or young either) but have figured out what works for my perfectly imperfect body.

My first style tips post is how I wear striped trousers. When I first wore these beauties to work, my gay colleagues loved them. The straight guys greeted me with eye-rolls and outright laughs, plus a few clever (yeah right) quips about circus clowns. I love how the stripes make my legs look longer and the colour combo updates the classic mariner favourite.


Look 1 – A denim jacket is my weekend standby. The trousers get paired with a simple white tee and my “man repeller” silver Prada sneakers. 


Look 2 – My trousers get a work spin with a tailored jacket, boots and a pop of colour from a marigold Gucci bag. 


Look 3 – A summer weekend look shows the trousers with a tunic sweater and laid-back accessories including my all-time favourite Miu Miu canvas tote. 

I lovingly call these my "man repellers" - so goofy but fun & versatile.

I lovingly call these my “man repellers” – goofy looking but so versatile. I wear them with jeans to trousers. 

Silver is a neutral tone that goes with everything.

And the summer version of my “man repellers” is equally versatile.