(Ad) “Me, just better.” That’s always been my focus when it comes to makeup, skincare and injectables. And I’m even more devoted to that philosophy after attending Beauty Decoded Live in June, an information evening about facial fillers hosted by JUVEDERM®. It confirmed my feeling that I never want to look like anyone else – not even my Hollywood idol Cate Blanchett. I have only ever wanted my face to look a little brighter, a little less tired, and always a little more glam.

I like my face – weird as that may sound – and now’s the time to give it some love, and a step up from my annual injectable session. A yearly visit isn’t enough for me personally (everyone is different) – but honestly, I’ve been lazy. Nervous I guess. Before I attended Beauty Decoded Live, I thought stepping it up would mean a more drastic treatment, like a major facelift that would take weeks of recovery for the cost of a small car. And I really didn’t want a frozen Hollywood duck-lips look. I left the event understanding that the modern approach is all about enhancing my features in a customized, subtle, and more impactful manner. Non-surgical injectables (like JUVEDERM®) can take less than an hour with minimal-to-no recovery time and almost instant results. Major relief!

Beauty Decoded Live was an eye opener. After listening to a presentation by Dr. Mauricio de Maio, a world leading expert in facial fillers – and watching an actual live demonstration of injectables – I realized that his approach answers my emotional needs, more than just targeting lines on my face. My wish list? I want my eye area to look less sleepy, my cheeks to look fuller, my neckline to look more taut, and my forehead to appear less worried. Nothing dramatic, just an overall brighter, more alert look that suits the shape of my face. Everyone looks the same in the old school approach.

At the Beauty Decoded Live event, I also had the opportunity to do a Visia Facial Assessment Report that analyzed my face through photographs. I scored high (a good thing) on my appearance of pores, UV exposure and brown spots, but low (not so great) on wrinkles.

I’ve got my checklist and my freak out factor is low. I had a great appointment with Toronto’s Dr. Julia Carroll where we came up with a treatment plan with JUVEDERM®. Stay tuned! 

Photography by Tara West.