I’m an early bird. Always have been. When I’m up at 6am (weekends too), I feel like I can get a day’s worth of work packed into the morning, including all of my work calls and time to catch up on the news. I’ve learned over the years how much I crave that early quiet time, without disruptions, to be my most productive. I look at my to-do list (yes I’m a list person!) to keep me focused and then start checking off the things I’m not that keen on doing (anything to do with accounting) while I’m most energized.

Getting the right kick off to my day is crucial. I check my email the second I’m in the kitchen. (I never leave my phone in my bedroom at night – no more 2am social media scrolling!) Then, I scan the day’s news, my all-important family texts from Toronto, and have a coffee. I can’t do much more beyond that until I’ve had my true wake-up call – a hot shower. I love the feeling of freshly washed hair, yet have avoided daily shampooing because it left my hair dry and frizzy. But now I’ve discovered the re-formulated Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal shampoo – and could feel the difference right away. The new shampoos across the Pantene collections actually add nutrients back into the hair shaft to fuel my hair from the inside out, instead of only cleaning the surface. I love the rich lather and how quickly I can de-tangle my hair with my fingers after shampooing and before conditioner – that’s a first for me. Even short hair like mine tangles easily. And after using the conditioner from the same line, my hair is smoother and shinier than ever. I’m loving this addition to my morning routine. 

My hair is so much easier to style now that it’s short, but Vancouver’s humidity can make it do some crazy flips and wild frizz. I need a flexible hold hair spray that gives me the option to quickly brush my hair out and restyle it part way through the day. Pantene’s new Airspray Hold is an innovative aerosol spray that’s – bonus! – alcohol-free (thumbs-up to the fresh scent). I get the natural movement that my short hair needs without any stiffness or sticky hold.

When my hair looks good, I feel more confident. Don’t you? Short hair always has to look sharp so my new routine helps me start my day off on the right note.

 I created this blog post as a paid ambassador for Pantene. All opinions and advice are my own. I only work with companies I truly like and have used before any partnership.

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