I’ve always been meticulous about caring for my skin with regular cosmetic dermatologist appointments but put all of that on hold when COVID started. For more than two years, I didn’t do anything until, one afternoon, I caught sight of my face in a store mirror. My skin looked tired – fine lines with a dry crepey texture. I have great skin (good genes and a beauty editor past) but it had lost much of its glow. I never thought I looked old until that day.

My goal isn’t to look like an Instagram doll filter with shiny waxy skin, frozen wide eyes and duck lips. I wanted to look more like me – to recapture some of my glow. I moved back to Vancouver two years ago so started to search for just the right cosmetic dermatologist who would enhance my natural look. I noticed a few friends post on Instagram about Dr. Shannon Humphrey. I liked her message – real, authentic, unforced.

Dr. Humphrey’s office boasts a panoramic view of downtown Vancouver and the mountains. It put me at ease as I was talking to her about my lifestyle, personal values, skincare, and treatment expectations. My desires matched her approach – nothing radical or fast. No surgery or anything invasive. Subtle differences with cumulative effects fit my needs. I’m looking to smooth out my fine lines, correct spots from sun exposure, and improve my complexion’s overall texture. I wanted treatments at a slow measured pace with minimal downtime to fit into my busy schedule.

Based on our discussion, Dr. Humphrey came up with a realistic plan on a timeline and budget that I can control. I’ve had medical cosmetic treatments in the past – IPL laser (Intense Pulsed Light), Boxtox, fillers – and always been satisfied with the results.

We started with a small amount of Botox injected along my forehead creases, crow’s feet and between my eyebrows to soften frown lines. It was a series of quick little pokes that were administered in minutes and then I was on my way to Granville Island.

Follow along my journey over the next few months. And check out www.humphreyderm.com and @humphreyderm on Instagram.