Behind the scenes at the Golden Globes

2005 Golden Globes with Hina Ansari & George Pimentel

Tonight is the first major red carpet of the 2017 season – the Golden Globes. While some may dismiss it as “fluff”, I’m an avid fan. I’ll be flipping between my TV, phone and iPad looking for the most relevant trends and major fashion moments that will have a significant dollar impact on the fashion industry. 

How significant? Stars like Jennifer Lawrence sign multi-million dollar exclusive red carpet gown deals with design houses like Dior. Her image beamed around the world racks up massive PR and subsequent sales of Dior’s fragrances and accessories. At the same time, manufacturers jump on the gown’s train and add “versions” to their department store collections that influence prom, bridal and special occasion dressing.  According to the Business of Fashion, a designer may pay a celebrity stylist up to $50,000 (plus agency fees and travel expenses) to get their gown on the right celebrity. The celeb may earn up to $250,000 and much higher with an exclusive contract (that would Lawrence and Natalie Portman for Dior). 

I'm wearing a gown by Canadian designer Lida Baday and jewellery by Kellie Lehman

I’ve been privileged to attend the Golden Globes twice – first in 2005. Flare had a coveted spot on the red carpet right behind the first curve at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. That was just past the bank of photographers (where you would find Toronto’s George Pimentel) and the first place stars stopped for interviews. 

The emerging stars show up early to cram in as many interviews as possible. Millions are watching around the globe so a smart publicist will insist their up-and-comers show up right at 3pm LA time. That’s when I had a good long chat one year with the stars of the TV smash LOST. And surprisingly in 2005, George Clooney turned up then too and was happy to chat with me for five minutes. (Bucket list moment!)

About 45 minutes before the show starts, the red carpet area is a zoo. In one ten minute window in 2006, I remember asking Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Kidman, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Johnny Depp the same no-brainer question – “What does style mean to you?” Scarlett was tongue-tied. Kidman was charming and put it all down to “confidence”, and Depp just shrugged, telling me, “I have no style. It’s all up to her,” pointing to his partner, Vanessa Paradis. Depp was wearing a black slouchy suit with a red shirt and shoes – and looked like he had just rolled out of bed.

Here are two looks from 2005 that stood out to me: 

I always look to Cate Blanchett for innovative style. In 2005, she wore Jean Paul Gaultier.
One of the nicest starts to speak to, Jennifer Garner looked sweet in Valentino.

And three more looks that I’ve loved from past years – all in that tricky shade of yellow. Each star looks like a Golden Globe herself: 

Newly single in 2007, Reese Witherspoon stepped out in a sophisticated new look - a slick hair cut and Olivier Theyskens short dress.
In 2016, Jennifer Lopez wore a knockout Giambattista Valli gown and 200 carats of Harry Winston diamonds.
In 2015, Naomi Watts paired her sleek Gucci column with a diamond Bulgari serpent necklace.

Who am I excited to see on the 2017 red carpet? Newcomers such as Ruth Negga (Loving), Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) and Janelle Monae (Hidden Figures), plus Sarah Paulson, Natalie Portman and so many more.