Whether it’s a bold accessory or colourful pattern, my signature style approach has always been “MORE IS BETTER”. I’m not one of those minimalists who wears just a tasteful pair of stud earrings, and feels dressed. Ugh. So much potential … lost! I always wear a chunky chain bracelet or several necklaces worn together for work or weekend, around the clock.

I’m loving a new luxury Canadian jewellery brand, based in Toronto, called Ever & Ivy. Joan Cohen created the collection, drawing on her career in the jewellery industry, to shine a spotlight on accessories for strong confident women. Ever & Ivy pieces are crafted from brass and bathed in a generous layer of 14k gold or Rhodium. Proper care like buffing pieces with a soft cloth, and storing them in soft cloth pouches, combined with a non-tarnish coating, will make these your timeless go-to pieces for years.

Above: My favourite piece? I love the Absolutely Tantalizing necklace that I can also wrap around my wrist as a bracelet. Shown here: Absolutely Tantalizing necklace; Let’s Get Serious necklace (worn as a bracelet); and All Eyes on Me earrings. Ever and Ivy

Just like an LBD (Little Black Dress) or white t-shirt and jeans, there are certain pieces of  jewellery that are essentials in a wear-forever wardrobe. My Ever & Ivy picks are all in gold (although silver is timeless too) starting with a chunky gold necklace and eye-catching bold earrings.

Above: Toss out old rules like never mixing gold and silver tones. I like to layer mine together with several strands of chains. Shown here: 2 Show and Tells necklaces; Absolutely Tantalizing necklace (worn as a bracelet); All Eyes on Me earrings. Ever & Ivy

One of the easiest ways to update all of your favourite wardrobe essentials is a pair of bold gold earrings and luxe gold chain. Shown here: Shining Light necklace; All Eyes on Me earrings. Ever & Ivy

Photography, Phillip Chin. Find more high impact designs at https://everandivy.ca/