You miss 100% of the chances that you don’t take. I’m not sure who said that or where I read it but that philosophy has stayed with me over the years. If you ask a senior about their regrets, chances are they’ll talk about the things that they didn’t do, not the times when they closed their eyes and jumped right in. 

Photo by Tara West at Lumas Gallery in Toronto. Artwork by Marc Quinn.

When my Mum was dying in the palliative care ward of Vancouver’s St Paul’s Hospital more than 20 years ago, she was fretting about what she hadn’t done. And this was a woman who sailed down the Amazon River a few years earlier. And who came back from an Atlantic Ocean cruise with a fiance in tow. (Hello?!? Who the hell are you?!?) She adored travelling anywhere by boat and was frustrated that she never made it to Venice. I went a few months later, on my own, in her memory. 

It’s the times when I took risks that I’ve had some of the best moments of my life so far. I shake my head to think that I was a very naive 19 year old going to fashion school in very gritty downtown Los Angeles. I fought hard for accreditation to Paris Fashion Week when I was a 20something freelancer for The Vancouver Sun. Christian Dior and Chanel both sent invitations. I threw my name in the ring for the coveted Editor-in-Chief role at Flare knowing that the job I already had would be finished if I wasn’t successful. 

What’s holding you back? Failure? So what? I’ve had plenty of that too. At least I tried. And when I aim high, I find that I usually end up somewhere in the mid-high to over-the-moon range. So go ahead, put your dreams out in the universe, talk about them, take a leap. And don’t look back. You’re not going that way.