Life is not a race ...

It’s been just over two weeks since I headed to Vancouver to set up my second home base. It feels like two months. And in typical Type A fashion, I’ve tried to do everything all at once. Change of this magnitude is bound to come with highs and lows – a friend who made the same move a year ago likened it to a roller coaster ride. An excellent analogy except she forgot the part where the coaster roars upside down and then spins straight towards the ground. 

In the past week, I’ve bought a condo (more on that after I move later this month), prepared some big segments for CTV Morning (more on that next week), and almost lost my web site content (currently being retrieved – thank GOD!!) Add in a handful of other major issues – it seems every time I turned around some problem whacked me up the side of the head – and I almost completely lost it. In all of this chaos, I learned a few things that helped me with dealing with change and over scheduling.

One Hour at a Time – Sometimes, my mantra of “One Day at a Time”, is too broad. Some days need to be taken even more slowly and thoughtfully. Getting through the morning, or even just the next hour, might be the best goal for the day. 

Do What You Can – Basically translated to that old “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day” saying. Not everything has to be resolved right away. Do what absolutely needs to be done first for your comfort – not everything has to be perfect from the get-go. 

Schedule Your Major Needs First – I quickly came to the realization that I wouldn’t be able to go to Toronto for the holidays as I hoped. My move-in date for my condo is December 23rd. I immediately started re-scheduling flights and mapping out how I would get to the airport on time, and how many days I could spare when I realized I had to put on the brakes. I cancelled my trip and will stay in Vancouver so I can move in a calm state. (Filled a few buckets of tears on that one.)

Slow Right Down – I’ve basically been running a marathon in the two weeks since I arrived. I bought a condo; made a dozen new friends; planned a few big work projects; and singlehandedly juggled all of the details to set up a new home. That’s more than enough. So my big focus for the next week … slow right down and enjoy the moment. I’ve lost the feeling of excitement about this move because I got too carried away with too many details. (Type A’s raise your hand!) It’s time to get back on track and stay in the present for the rest of the holiday month. 

Photo, Tara West. Makeup, Lace Maralit. Hair, Jed Puznak and Tony Masciangelo.